Pengana Capital Group offers access to some of the world’s best investment managers, all under one roof.

Our key aim is to offer differentiated strategies that will add value to your portfolio. We have no ‘me-too’ funds in our group, and each fund strategy is managed by a specialist and independent investment manager. With stand-alone specialist investment teams in Chicago, New-Jersey, Connecticut, London, Israel, Melbourne and Sydney, our investors can take advantage of investment opportunities from across the world by accessing unique, differentiated, and smart investment products.

Our range of independently managed investment strategies provides a well blended and uncorrelated level of diversification for your portfolio.

Our focus, and track record, is to provide investors with long-term returns, adjusted for risk minimisation.



An option of HEDGED or UNHEDGED portfolios of dynamic and growing companies undergoing positive change, within a robust ethical framework.

Axiom International Ethical Funds

Axiom International
Ethical Funds

An International Fund targeting superior risk-adjusted returns through investing in high-quality and durable growing companies at reasonable prices.

Harding Loevner International Fund

Harding Loevner
International Fund

A portfolio of Australian businesses with transparent and resilient business models

Australian Equities Fund

Equities Fund

The largest International Ethical LIC on the ASX. Targeting fully franked dividends, paid quarterly.

Pengana International Equities Limited (ASX: PIA)

Pengana International
Equities Limited (ASX: PIA)


Specialists in a vast and growing investable universe

Global Small Companies Fund

Global Small
Companies Fund

An Australian small caps fund with a 15+ year track record

Emerging Companies Fund

Emerging Companies


Access to the top-performing quartile of global private equity managers via Australia’s only listed portfolio of diversified global private market investments.

Pengana Private Equity Trust (ASX: PE1)

Pengana Private
Equity Trust (ASX: PE1)

Investing in industries of the future, solving sustainability challenges for the world

WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund

Sustainable Impact Fund

A concentrated portfolio of ethically screened global companies

High Conviction Equities Fund

High Conviction
Equities Fund

Australia's only high conviction A-REIT fund with an ESG focus

High Conviction Property Securities Fund

High Conviction
Property Securities Fund

An Israeli equity fund investing in cutting edge technologies

Alpha Israel Fund

Alpha Israel Fund
(Wholesale Only)


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